Saturday, February 19, 2011


I'm happy to announce FACE DOODLE! The first in a series of ipad apps that feature some of my handy work. My good friend and co-worker Brian Haught is the developer and genius behind this. About a year ago we were just discussing how we could do something fun together that would utilize our creative juices. At the time Brian was in the midst of teaching himself how to build ipad apps and I was, well...doodling a lot. He had this idea of an app that would allow anyone to pick face shapes and features and build their own cartoon faces so FACE DOODLE was born! It's easy, fun and very entertaining for all ages. See some examples of it here.

Once we got started we quickly realized that we needed to do more with varying themes so we're close to releasing the second in this series and hope it will be released within the next two weeks. I can't wait and you're going to love it! I guarantee it.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Snowed in!

Ever since I was a little kid I've had a fantasy of being snowed in. I'm not just talking about 8-10 inches and no school. I mean the kind of snow that only happens once in a lifetime where you spend the rest of your life comparing every snow event to that one. The kind that makes you start opening cans of food that you've had in the back of your cabinets forever because you don't want to risk getting out on the roads. Well, today it happened! I woke up to a phone call from my neighbor telling me he was stuck out in front of our houses. When I looked out the window I was literally in shock! Never have I ever seen 2 feet of snow in Arkansas of all places. So we're looking at somewhere between 18-24 inches at last measure. Here are the photos to prove it! By the way, our dog Truman had to come in and get warm in his bed after getting buried by the kids in the snow. I blame my wife for spoiling him.