Saturday, January 19, 2013


When I was younger I use to love Bloom County and Calvin & Hobbs. Then came The Far Side but lately I've been hooked on a new comic. It's called Bobo The Evil & Cute. The most amazing thing about it is  that the author is only in the 4th grade.Yeah, I know! This is a piece of fan art I did. Click here to read the comic.

Personalized Magazines

Ever so often I get stuck with wondering what to give as a gift for a birthday or special occasion. When I have the time, a good photo and if I've planned accordingly I might do one of these. The challenge is always making it personal so the headlines you see may not make sense or be funny to you but to the recipient they make perfect sense.  When completed I print them out and mock them up on foam core and display.

Personalized Christmas Cards

Four years ago a friend asked me if I would do a caricature of her and her family and make a Christmas card for her to send out for the year. She got a great response and since then I've done the Boatright's Family Christmas Cards. You can see that each year we pick a new theme and do a photo shoot to match whatever theme they choose. Its a lot of photoshop work but a lot of fun to see the end result. I think the Twilight theme is my favorite so far.