Thursday, July 30, 2009

FLORIDA on the 4th of July

Matt & Charlie Sagely

My awesome wife and me.
Reece & Charlie exploring in the shallow waters.

My boys posing with a fake white shark.
Note, my oldest on the right had to wear his bathing suite
the entire way down even though we stopped
and slept overnight in a hotel. Kids.

We caught crabs and starfish but no sharks.

We took a short boat ride over to an island one day. Can you see
the excitement on Charlie, Reece & Keenan's faces?

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RoverHaus said...


You do have an awesome wife! Your whole family should be in a Gap catalog or something.

It makes me happy to know you are taking some time to enjoy life and the boys. It makes me even more happy to see that you worked a shark into the family vacation.