Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My Kid Can Draw This!

Its not everyday that I post something one of my kids have drawn, but I should. They draw so much and go through so much paper. I'm like most parents I guess when it comes to being proud of their creations and I try and bestow the proper amount of praise without overdoing it but really, my kids can draw. Most kids would prefer a new toy when asked but mine will often request new markers & paper. The recycling guys definitely get their moneys worth at our house on recycling day each week.

My sons favorite tool of choice are typically the Crayola brand markers that we're all familiar with but just the other day my eldest son who is seven started using a pencil. He said he was sketching. I think he must have heard me say that and saw that I was using a pencil to do it with so he was hold up in his room for over an hour hard at work on these robots. When I saw them I was very impressed by several things. For one, the simplicity of the lines. Look at how he used the empty spaces between the lines almost the way a comedian might use the pauses between jokes. Second, I love the confidence in his line work. I will often talk about this when I visit schools. Children are not afraid to mess up so their lines are bold and deliberate. It's usually around 4-7th grade that we as artists become more self conscious and afraid that our drawings will be less than good so we begin to draw lightly and without confidence. The third thing I like is how varied they are. He actually had names and descriptions for what each robot would do for us in the future. Can you find the the 3 headed flashlight? By the way, most of these are all remote control and do things like vacuum or cook our food.

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Travis Jackson said...

Love it man! Takes after his old man!