Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Schwinn Stingray Makeover

My Father just purchased two used Stingray Chopper bicycles for my kids.  I will admit I am vicariously living through my sons though and their level of excitement over these bikes was minimal compared to mine. Fortunately I live across the street from a master mechanic (josh) who cut his teeth on bikes as a kid, so when it came to getting everything back together I wasn't worried.
We started with the black one and as you may see there was a fair amount of rust on the handlebars and the forks. When we took the forks off the chrome had started to peel which was the main reason we ended painting them black. The stickers had also suffered from some weathering and they to had to be removed. I have to say though the bike looks and rides great. I'm on the lookout for some ape hangers which should make it  look that much cooler! Thanks Grandpa! Part 2 coming soon.