Monday, December 30, 2013

Monster Finger Puppets

I've played around with polymer clay (Sculpey) for a long time. I've always had some on hand and from time to time get the urge to make something. When my oldest son who is now 11 was younger we made a series of sharks and whales with sculpey. Recently I combined my love of puppets and monsters with the clay and started making little Monster Finger Puppets to sell on Etsy. I really don't want to part with any of these little guys but this way my wife will allow me to make more. Maybe they're priced too high? Feel free to give me any feedback, I can take it. You can see by the photos that they look great in little groups. I hope they find homes that will love them like I do but if not I guess they can stay here. :) Click HERE to see my Etsy store.

1 comment:

callie said...

jon, I LOVE these!! I hope they sell like hotcakes!!